Breaking News!! Elf on the Shelf

Stephanie from Heart & Home WA on 11th Nov 2020

Breaking News!! Heart & Home WA has been chosen for a very special mission!

You see Santa has been so busy preparing all the toys for the boys & girls that he’s lost track of which homes have elves and which homes have empty shelves. Santa knows how much I love the Christmas cheer, so he’s trusted my store to ensure they go to very special homes.

These magic elves will fly to the North Pole every night while the children are sleeping and report back to Santa. These elves help make Santa’s naughty and nice list, so remember Santa’s always watching.

These elves are new elves & have a lot to learn but they are so excited to find new homes, but be careful some elves are known to get into some trouble, but they love adventures and dressing up with fun accessories. But remember the Elf on the Shelf are not toys, you can talk to them, elves are good listeners, but they must not be touched because they will loose their magic. Each night read the book, as this will explain how to care for Santa’s elves.

And to the children who love their elves, Santa has also delivered some boy & girl plushee pals, they don't have any magic like the traditional elves, so you can hug them, play with them and snuggle with them in bed while you dream of all the fun you will have on Christmas day.

Santa has also delivered some other special friends, Elf Pets! Reindeer, Saint Bernard & Arctic Fox.

Santa's sleigh was unable to lift of the ground until the magic heart charm worm around the Reindeers neck came to the rescue. Uncover one of the North Pole’s biggest mysteries and explain the mystical story of the great Northern Lights thanks to the Arctic Fox and read what happens when an entire town forgets the true spirit of the Christmas, it’s up to the Saint Bernard to help everyone remember!

The Elf on the Shelf is a fun-filled Christmas tradition that has captured the hearts of children of everywhere who has welcomed one of Santa’s Scout Elves each holiday season. Are you ready to adopt your own Scout Elf?All are available at Heart & Home WA and we are looking for homes with empty selves.

Merry Christmas everyone, hope to see you soon! 

Photo credit- special thanks to Serene Bedlam Photography & PhotoBooth